Entertainment at Sea Breeze Candidasa

This is the area for all day relaxation, morning sunbathing and afternoon sea breeze, while being cooled below the shade of coconut trees.  Guests can swim in the sea in front of Sea Breeze which housed many different fish species. When evening comes, you can relax with friends for a BBQ or outdoor dining experience overlooking the crystal clear waters of the Indian Ocean with the mystical Island of Nusa Penida in the background.  Guests can also watch the ever changing landscape on the waters of the Indian Ocean with ferries shuttle passengers to/from Lombok Island, in addition to the myriad of fishing boats going about their business. Sea Breeze Bungalows is truly an enchanting place to stay for the holiday of a lifetime.

Sea Breeze Villa is a magical destination close to places where you can raft dramatic rivers, shop for bargains in vibrant local markets, enjoy cultural performances of Hindu dance epics, cycle through gently swaying fields of rice, visit ancient kingdoms and mystical water palaces, climb mighty volcanoes and/or dive into an exotic world of psychedelic fish. The facilities and services offered by the staff at Sea Breeze Bungalow are exceptional with the emphasis on privacy and relaxation.

The Swimming Pool

Sea Breeze’s two majestic infinity style swimming pools are directly facing the ocean. The swimming pool is 18 x 8 meters infinity style that gives the illusion of swimming into the ocean on the horizon. The pool is tiled with rich beautiful color natural stones, and has a large natural stones terrace.

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